A Clean Energy Plant for the 21st Century! 

Polygen is an innovative combination of 3 mature technologies to generate net-zero clean energy at large scale. Our plant will produce:

  • 100% Carbon Capture - 3million Tonnes per year - Amine Adsoprtion
  • Electricity & Recovered Heat - 870MW - Combined Cycle Gas Turbine
  • Hydrogen - 100,000kg per day - Steam Methane Reforming

Polygen will help fill gaps of about 46,000MW in UK clean energy capacity requirements due to intermittent nature of Solar and Wind Energy. Solar produces Electricity only when there is Daylight just like Wind Turbines only produce electricity when there is adequate Wind Strength.  Polygen will produce electricity 24hours a day for 365 days a year except for planned maintenance stoppages. 

Our Hydrogen will supply zero-emission road fuels and help cut the 40,000 annual deaths in UK due to lethal Diesel/Petrol fumes. Government has set 2040 as the date when all new vehicles for sale must not be Diesel/Petrol. Furthermore Hydrogen mixed at 20% concentration in the gas grid will also help decarbonise industrial and domestic heating.

UK National government has set ambitious carbon cutting goals for the UK to achieve net-zero energy generation by 2050 and is encouraging carbon-capture projects with construction side capex grants or generous market side Contract-for-Difference (CfD) support. 


Polygen L3 Plant is planned for Tilbury, Essex, England. The location benefits from existing grid connection capacity in excess of 6,000MW, existing power generation assets and expansive land without encumbrance. Nonetheless, as part of our consenting process, Polygen will create a Development Consenting Order (DCO) that includes powers for compulsory acquisition of land, if required.

Delivery Time-line

Polygen L3 Plant is planned for delivery from 2019 - 2025. Interim ouput 25MW with 100% Carbon Capture in July 2021. Full plant capacity 800MW with 100% Carbon Capture to be reached in 2025.

Planning & Consenting Process

Polygen consenting process has started at the Panning Inspectorate. This is a nationally significant infrastructure project with the implication that planning and consenting is managed by the national government in a straight forward process. Polygen will create a Development Consent Order (DCO) with powers for compulsory land acquisition if required. 

Date Activity
27 March 2019 Planning Inspectorate publishes record of meeting at: https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/wp-content/ipc/uploads/projects/General/General-Advice-00680-1-Invicta%20Inception%20Meeting%20Note.pdf
28 February 2019 Inception meeting with the Planning Inspectorate to initiate the consenting process