An Innovative Clean Energy Company for the 21st Century!

Invicta Hydrogen Systems Limited is an innovative clean energy company confronting the global challenge of achieving net-zero carbon energy generation by 2050. We have set ourselves an ambitious target to deliver 3 million tonnes of carbon savings per year from our Polygen L3 Plant. Polygen L3 combines three mature and tested technologies in an innovative way to deliver:

  • Carbon Savings - 3million tonnes per year - Carbon Capture by Amine Adsorption  
  • Electricity - 870MW - Combined Cycle Gas Turbine
  • Hydrogen - 100,000kg per day - Steam Methane Reforming

We aim to have our first site operational in Tilbury, Essex, England in 2025.

In the UK our Hydrogen road and heating fuels will help to cut annual deaths due to lethal Diesel/Petrol exhaust from 40,000 deaths annually. We will also help fill capacity shortage of 46,000MW due to uncertainty associated with Solar and Wind Power. Solar Panels only produce electricity when there is Daylight just as Wind Turbines only produce electricity when there is sufficient Wind Strength.  Our plants will operate for 24hours, 365 days a year except for planned maintenance stoppage.

Reseach Team 


Dr Yasin Ramadan (PhD) is the founding researcher at Invicta Hydrogen Systems Limited. Yasin's doctoral research focused on Industrial Economics with a special interest in Technological Innovation and Sustainability. He has 21 years in public and private enterprises in emerging and advanced economies.

Yasin crafted a Strategy Pathway for our company to become the leading UK supplier of Clean Electricity and Hydrogen as well as our emergence as a global leader in the supply of clean energy with Carbon Capture by 2030.